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Plumbing Job Opportunities - Platinum Plumbing


At Platinum Plumbing we are continually looking to bring in good plumbers looking to be GREAT technicians!

We are offering top pay and excellent benefits so our Team can carry out the Platinum Plumbing Mission in our day to day plumbing adventures!

Benefits We Offer:

We are able to offer top pay for our area, an excellent employer paid benefits package that includes Health and Welfare, Annuity, 401k and free schooling with unlimited resources through the United Association: Plumbers And Pipefitters Local 141 as a participating Union Contractor.

In addition to the above benefits through the Union package, we offer:

Our Mission as Platinum Plumbing Employees:

Platinum Plumbing exists in order to deliver the very best customer satisfaction to residential homeowners, commercial property owners & managers for all of the SBC. We are committed to 100% customer satisfaction. We are willing to sacrifice profits for customer satisfaction & we operate under the premise that the customer is always right, even if they are wrong.

As employees of Platinum Plumbing, we are 100% committed to going above & beyond the call of duty to exceed our customers’ needs. We will use our desire to be the very best as the standard by which we make decisions in the field. We are committed to performing every service to the highest of standards, always leaving our work areas cleaner than we found them.

As employees of Platinum Plumbing, we are committed to striving to reach company goals in each department daily. You must know what the daily company goal is & know that you did everything possible to reach that goal every day.

As employees of Platinum Plumbing, we are committed to protecting the company’s assets by keeping the cleanest vans & the cleanest job sites to reduce damage to materials & tools. We must realize what company assets are: (1) People (2) Materials (3) Tools (4) Trucks (5) Time (6) Image.

As employees of Platinum Plumbing, we represent ourselves knowing that we are representing our entire company, therefore, upholding the image of Platinum Plumbing & continuing to build upon that image, toward the highest level of professionalism.

Practicing these principles will afford us the opportunity to have the best compensation package, resulting in the highest paid employees, creating a great team to support each other as we serve our community together.

Are You Ready To Excel?

Our mission at Platinum Plumbing is to provide outstanding customer satisfaction with PLATINUM level craftsmanship. We will build working relationships with each customer leaving a lasting impression of professionalism & respect. We will value our team members by providing above average compensation with opportunities for growth & development to improve skills & personal potential.